Balotelli kicks off his revival by scoring on his debut

Mario Balotelli is currently playing for Ac.Milan after having signed a season long loan deal with the Italian club but there is a very high probability that he will turn into a permanent signing at the end of the loan deal but this is going to depend on how Balotelli perform in this season.

Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool lost hope in Mario Balotelli after the player only managed to score 1 goal in 16 appearances with the Premier League club and this is why they decided to give him away on a loan deal to Ac.Milan and this season loan deal of Balotelli has kicked off in a positive way as he scored a goal in his debut match.

Ac.Milan played a friendly match against Mantova on August 3 and came out on top with a 3-2 win. The opening goal of the game was scored by Mario Balotelli as he scored at the 3rd minute.
When the match was over, Balotelli voiced his joy in scoring a goal as he said: “I have always been in good shape and put in the maximum effort like everyone.I am happy to have scored a goal and provided an assist. I wanted to win this game, because I don’t like losing.”

The 25 year old player has stated in numerous occasions that he has gone through a big change and that he does not have the same mentality of a few years before. Balotelli is hoping to spark his career back to life, the Italian forward was even willing to take a big pay cut in order to move back to Ac.Milan.

Balotelli admitted in saying that he has spent a lot of his career as a boy and he made mistakes but he wants to leave that behind as he confessed after signing with Ac.Milan and said: “I haven’t forgotten how to play football. I am no longer a kid. I’ve wasted too many chances.I feel like someone who has put the first part of his career to one side. Played and lived like a boy,”
If Balotelli does indeed manage to spark his career to life, Ac.Milan would be willing to sign him on a permanent deal and Liverpool is likely to let Balotelli go but for a price tag.

During Mario Balotelli’s stay in Anfield, he had an awful time and could not build a solid relationship with Brendan Rodgers and the Irish manager is not expected to bring back Balotelli into his team even if the player does improve.