Bardsley Gets Involved in Fight at Ibiza Hotel

Phil Bardsley along with Josh, his agent brother had been involved in a fight at Ibiza, the five-star hotel, early on Wednesday morning. Reports have to say that the thirty-three-year-old defender form Burnley as restrained forcefully as seen in the footage of the hotel. It showed that the chairs were being hurled across the hotel room, punches were being exchanged, and glasses were being smashed. The brawl had taken place following a wedding party at Hotel ME, the exclusive five-star hotel that costs guest £2,300 each night for staying at the hotel.

Josh, the younger brother, Bardsley had been hit on the head by an angry blonde lady with a pair of beach shoes. Later on, he had been punched in the face. The video footage of the hotel saw them the rival groups squandering up against one another. It also saw the rival group challenge them to a fight. Alex Bruce, the defender from Kilmarnock had played in the Premier League for Hull and Steve, the son of the Sheffield performed the role of a peacemaker in the time of the brawl. In the footage, he was seen to try and calm down the angry group.

The defender was telling the bride to be as she watched the violent outbreak only hours before her wedding day said that it is only grown up men who got drunk. It was the surprise birthday party of Tom Cleverley and ended in a bloodied fight. The midfielder from Watford had been forced to step back as he wanted to return to the fighting scene at the hotel. The security of the hotel rushed to this scene. As a matter of fact, the bar had to be closed down for the night. The guests have allegedly complained to the management of the hotel regarding the behavior of the footballers.

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