Bardsley on England

Burnley defender Phil Bardsley believes that England can have a great tournament at the World Cup in Russia. He said that he has been watching the opening games of the tournament so far and that he has not been impressed by the favorite teams.

He said that Germany has been beaten by Mexico and that they did not show any signs of the skills and talent that allowed them to win the tournament in Brazil.

Bardsley said that he has not been impressed by Brazil either as they still tend to rely too much on Neymar to create the danger in the opposition half.

This is why he believes that England can be an outsider at the tournament. He said that the team has been playing well for some time now and that he has no doubt that players such as Sterling and Kane will be keen to make a name for themselves in Russia.

He said that there is a good blend of young players and experienced players in the team and that this synergy can be a real asset in a tournament such as the World Cup. He believes that the England team have the players as well as the manager to win the tournament.

He admitted however that it is still early in the tournament and that teams such as Germany and Brazil can still improve in their next games.

He said that the England players should not focus on the other results but rather concentrate on each game. He said that each game that you play at the World Cup is like a final and that you need to be at your best if you want to win it.

He said that the players should be determined and remain focused throughout the whole match.

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