Footballer Phil Bardsley And Real Housewives Star Wife Tanya’s Cheshire Mansion Gutted In A Freak Fire

The Cheshire star, Real Housewives Tanya and husband Phil Bardsley had to leave their £2m Wilmslow home because of a freak fire. Phil Bardsley and Tanya revealed in an interview how a freak fire took their Wilmslow mansion. The mansion caught the fire during the heat wave of summer. The cause of the fire is said to be the wall-to-wall sunshine. An electrical fire started on the mansion top floor.

The damage caused because of the fire will be telecasted in the initial episodes of the eighth series of the Real Housewives eighth series. The show is returning to ITVBe tonight. In an interview, Tanya explained: “My house burnt down. In our bathroom, we had placed a mirrored TV. That day the sun has gone through the skylight and because of the immense heat inside, the exploded.

“The explosion destroyed the entire top floor of the house, and then water from the fire engines further lead to the damage, the water that’s gone through all the floors damages everything around.” She said. “Because of that we are going to have torn it all out of the house. We have moved out of the house for about six months. Meanwhile, the repairs will take place. Once it will be done, we will more in the house again.”

At the beginning of this year, the couple had put their house of a 5-bedroom for sale as they had plans to buy a bigger house for accommodating their raising children. They have four children at home.

But, now Tanya said they plan to sell the home is now on hold because of the fire. Tanya said: “The house was up for sale, but now after the fire, we don’t know whether to keep the house and rent it or sell it as it’s a gorgeous house.”

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