Gordon Strachan reckons Scotland can take a leaf out of the books

Gordon Strachan reckons Scotland can take a leaf out of the books of some of the other minnows which have shown how it is possible to compete in majors even without having a squad full of World class Footballers.

As per Strachan, not all the Footballers in those teams have high level skills. If their one big name is taken away, they are almost nothing, but, because they have remained centred around that one big name and have looked to set the play for him, they have created problems for top oppositions.

Strachan opines it’s not that only a certain formation in the game can bear fruits. The formations for different teams can be different. A coach just has to realize what his players can do and what they can’t and then has to think how he can make the most out of the squad he has.

The 59-year old former playmaker who retired with 50 Scotland caps said, “Out of all the teams which did well in Euro, how many had similar formation? Was there any kind of a trend among them in terms of the formations used? No. The formations were different.”

“In fact, I would say I have not seen sides playing with as big a variety of formations in any other competition so far as in this Euro and that’s fine because something might be working for the others, but, it might not for you. You have to go with what is likely to work for you.”

“What we have also seen is that everyone in the squad has not got to be a superstar for the deliverance of the results. A team just has to play together centring itself on the main players. The Welsh Football team and even the Polish are the examples.”