Phil Bardsley has said that the performance of the Sunderland team was really poor in the FA Cup match against Bolton Wanderers on Tuesday and the team deserved to lose that match.
Sunderland was defeated by Bolton Wanderers by 2-0 in that match and with that defeat; the Black Cats were knocked out of the FA Cup. Phil Bardsley was the captain of Sunderland in that match and he looked disappointed after the match.

In the post match press conference, Bardsley said, “That was not a good performance by us. We were far from our best. In the first half, we played decently and got a few opportunities, but, in the second half, we played some poor football.”

“We had put up a brilliant show on Saturday against West Ham United and we were expected to carry on the momentum in this game. But, the way we played today, we definitely let our fans down.”

“I felt that our approach was a bit casual today and that proved to be costly at the end. We had performed pretty well in the FA Cup in the last season, but, we didn’t manage to repeat it this time around. I want to apologize to our fans for that.”

“Now, we need to focus again on the Premier League matches. We have to play against Wigan on Saturday and we should look forward to that match. Wigan is a tough team and they are not going to give us easy opportunities. We will have to play far better than this if we have to beat them on Saturday.”

Sunderland is currently at no. 12 in the Premier League points table with 29 points. The Black Cats have played 25 matches in the league so far. They have come out victorious on 7 occasions, while, they have been defeated in 10 games. They have also played 8 draws in the league.